Quiz on background materials - linear models

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The goal of this quiz is to help you get ready to use limma and linear modeling to analyze 'omics data.

R has many great tools for this, but you need to know some basics about linear algebra to use them wisely and well. 

Read the following questions, answering questions when you're sure you already know the answer. (You'll have three chances to take the quiz.)

Then, watch the videos listed here: Linear models introduction 

As you go through and watch the videos, come back to the quiz and answer questions as you learn the material. Note that some of the questions are taken directly from the self-paced quizzes following the videos. So be sure to take a look at those as well! 

Also, when you reach the Quiz questions on design matrices for studies, read this: http://genomicsclass.github.io/book/pages/expressing_design_formula.html



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