RNA-Seq - Compare expression between sample types

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The goal of this quiz is to help you check your understanding of the RNA-Seq data analysis code presented in class. 

Note: Re-download the file to make sure you have the latest (best) version.

The following questions below are designed to highlight the most important elements of the script.

Key ideas:

  • Negative log2 fold-change indicates down-regulation 
  • Positive log2 fold-change indicates up-regulation
  • Use adjusted p-values and fold-change cutoffs to decide whether a gene is differentially expressed. These cutoffs are somewhat arbitrary and often depend on the goals of the experiment.

Tip: Write analysis code in a flexible way so that you can change the cutoffs easily and re-run your code if required.

Tip: First quickly read the questions. Then use the script to answer them. 


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